"After Effects is my playground and Keyframes are my best friends."

My entire life, I have never spoken words with more truth.  Wherever my career takes me, and whatever job title I am given, at the root of it all, I will always be a motion designer.

This is my first blog ever.  So I thought I would start by giving you a glimpse into the world of motion design. 

Looking at an After Effects project for the first time is like looking at a massively complicated puzzle full of math problems and physics equations.  For most, it’s intimidating.  For motion designers, it’s a game.  Inside these projects we create worlds of light and sound.  We flow through our projects with ease.  Onlookers can only stop and stare at the confusion of our timeline.  Then we hit render and all the layers of confusion collapse onto each other revealing a beautiful flowing video. 

The first time I saw another AE designer work on a project was eye opening.  For the past 5 years, I had felt as though I were the only one who could master this program.  A naive subconscious thought.  I expect one would have a similar experience if they were traveling abroad and found someone who spoke their native language.  Because it is like a language.  We, as After Effects designers, are fluent in the nonverbal language of Motion.